August Sky

If it wasn’t for the conflict of ideology, it would never be a battle of worth.

“Don’t try telling me what should be done!” Sky grumbled out after some arguments. She had been the Editor-in-chief of the Academy’s newspaper for more than a year now. And what she believed was firm.

“This is for the Academy and for the students!” a man with an athlete’s built shouted back. His innocent handsome face had been serious by the conversation. His eyes turned to her as if piercing her soul to believe him.

She was caught by his eyes. She moved away.

“If this is about principle, then prove it to me!” she shouted outside the window and found some of the students. She felt fear.

“Fine! So, you’ll have to follow my orders!” there was authority in his words and a fine blend of arrogance. If it was about a battle of principle and proving that what he believed was right, he was pretty much confident. Why not? He was Harvey August, the student welfare president. Students looked up on him. Students believed in him and they followed his orders.

“NO!” she replied decisively.

He was silent for a bit. She went to her table and picked some things –a notebook, a pen and a key. She moved towards his direction. She felt her heart thumping loudly and there were fear, worries and hate. She grabbed Harvey’s hand. It was soft and gentle, not a typical hand for a man like him. He placed the things on his hands vigorously. Continue reading


Let’s pause and relax for a bit

According to Pooh’s Little Instruction Book, “Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.”

This we should always take time to pause and relax our body, mind and soul. Continue reading

Escalante High

This is the official lyrics of the Escalante National High School hymn as provided by the batch 2007.

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[Composed By Batch 2007]


I’ve been searching so long,
I never knew it’s here,
To make right what is wrong,
And tell me that I’m free.

I found where I should be,
And I knew the real me,
You’re the place I love to be,
And I know you made me see.


Escalante High, we’ll soar up high,
Escalante High, you make me fly,
You make my dreams come true,
And hold me when I fall,
You are my home. Continue reading

Missed the Annular Solar Eclipse

Well, it was like 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, can’t really tell the time though. I was like already half awake when mother shouted as she opened our wooden window, “Hey! I could see solar eclipse.” She tried to wake us up but I was not really convinced that it really happened so I just neglected her and continued my sleep.

It’s crazy, but it did happen. I just saw some photos of the sun today posted in some forums and blogs, and I was so spooked to miss the chance.

Oh bother, the sun looked like a half moon in the copper sky.

What a scene and I did really miss the chance!

photo by: Roland R. Roldan

Fairy Tales in Parody

Fairy Tales in Parody

It is in a dark starry night and a bright half moon

Where my mind glares of a story unknown

A tale whispered by an empyreal shadow

Of life based in a fictional flow

It was in that 12 midnight as they did whisper

Where Cinderella ran and left her glass slipper

Where the beast prince was fighting against the local savages

Where Aurora was sound asleep waiting for a kiss Continue reading

1st Iloilo SEO Conference: For they aren’t just words

Isn’t it magical how such words turned to be life changing? And in a blogger’s point of view, words are like the seeds we plant, grow tough and strong, bear fruit, die and reproduce again, enough to build shelter and to save lives. This is I think how bloggers live their existence.

Luckily, I’ve been into a gathering of great greenskeepers, where they provided us great seeds. And there are no giants and hens that lay golden eggs here. For this is a story not of a boy who exchanged cow for magic beans. But this is a story of a boy, who entered the door of the 1st Iloilo SEO Conference and received great seeds. Seeds that he knows in the future would bring greatness and beauty to his garden.

Enough of those silly literary talks! What I mean here is that great discussions had been thrown to us. And I’m too much pleased to learn. So I commend their great works.

Now let me share the things what they discussed, the following are some of the topics tackled that inspired me, feel free to learn. Continue reading