My Cry

Justice! This is my deafening cry. But where is it? Gone! It has existed no more. All that have left are nothing but the wicked laws in the hands of humanity. In the very sphere of what they called power, in which they believed the only thing that could save mankind. But I ought it as ignorance, foolishness and stupidity. It has nothing to do but destroy the liberty I possessed. Go on to my private life, corrupt my mind and even reap the existence of this vitality.

It is hard to hear and hard to say that humans are capable of doing dirty things just to get what they want. This is because they are blinded by their desires. Desires of wealth, power, fame and all the selfishness in this world. They keep on fighting in the wrong way, keep on asking for the wrong answer, keep on judging with the wrong justice and even destroy the innocent lives. Are they what you call humans? Is this what I believe humanity?

The world I live today is far behind the world my Father showed me. This is not the paradise he told me, a haven or even a home. This is hell! I don’t belong here. This is not my world.

Death! I summoned you! Come to me. Embrace my flesh and soul. Let me out of this of hell. Bring me to my Father. To the paradise He told me. To His kingdom.


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