1st Iloilo SEO Conference: For they aren’t just words

Isn’t it magical how such words turned to be life changing? And in a blogger’s point of view, words are like the seeds we plant, grow tough and strong, bear fruit, die and reproduce again, enough to build shelter and to save lives. This is I think how bloggers live their existence.

Luckily, I’ve been into a gathering of great greenskeepers, where they provided us great seeds. And there are no giants and hens that lay golden eggs here. For this is a story not of a boy who exchanged cow for magic beans. But this is a story of a boy, who entered the door of the 1st Iloilo SEO Conference and received great seeds. Seeds that he knows in the future would bring greatness and beauty to his garden.

Enough of those silly literary talks! What I mean here is that great discussions had been thrown to us. And I’m too much pleased to learn. So I commend their great works.

Now let me share the things what they discussed, the following are some of the topics tackled that inspired me, feel free to learn.


The Social Approach to Online Marketing

Shiela Dela Peña| visit her blog here

Great statistics are here. Ms. Shiela inspires me to just work and improve the things you got.


Advanced Keyword Research, LSI Mastery and Authoritative Content Theming

Kim Tyron Agapito| visit his blog here

The thing that I couldn’t really forget is the thought of stones. Pick stones and find the diamond. This is an inspiration.


Advanced and Scalable Link Building

Jason King Acidre| visit his blog here

 This dude is so cool! He inspires me to just continue blogging. It’s just f*cking great!


Buddha once said, “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”


One response to “1st Iloilo SEO Conference: For they aren’t just words

  1. At the point when taking an interest a SEO conference you will appreciate precisely what you have to do before you start a totally fledged SEO promoting technique. SEO by and large might be part up into two territories, one is the on page angles, alternate is off website page viewpoints.

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