Fairy Tales in Parody

Fairy Tales in Parody

It is in a dark starry night and a bright half moon

Where my mind glares of a story unknown

A tale whispered by an empyreal shadow

Of life based in a fictional flow

It was in that 12 midnight as they did whisper

Where Cinderella ran and left her glass slipper

Where the beast prince was fighting against the local savages

Where Aurora was sound asleep waiting for a kiss

But what happened is not what they told

For Cinderella ran but lost in the woods so cold

Alone and helpless, she spotted a cabin

There she saw the big bad wolf sleepin’

Funny, little red riding hood never came

For she’s still busy guessing Rumplestiltskin’s name

With thousands of wrong names she surrendered and bid goodbye

And in her walk, she heard the piper’s lullaby

He piped and piped spreading out melodic play

For he knew the harmony would lead him to his way

So he arrived at the seven dwarfs’ little cabin

And before him is Snow White, dead in a glass coffin

She’s still pretty and smiling and white as snow

He played a sad sonata in a tune so low

So dwarfs were weeping and mourning in their painful nips

Then a frog began to jump and kiss her in the lips

Then Oh! She breathed in deep reverence

Then poof! The frog changed into a prince

And cursed were gone and grace what they had

But was he the prince that Snow White loved?

Then who’s the gallant man in the forest?

Who helped Hansel and Gretel towards west?

Who fetched them home safe and sound?

But look! What did he found?

A dark old creepy castle lit by the moon

Covered with vines and thorns across the lagoon

But valiant was he and so he crept in the night

There he found the sleeping beauty glowed by the moonlight

Enchanting, alluring, and inviting him to kiss

And so, he moved and pushed his lips with tenderness

Then Aurora opened her eyes with confusions untold

Unable to see Robinhood escaped with her diamond and gold

To the far end, the beast was dying and no one can tell

In terror and in fear, where was his Belle?

Ah! There she was running with Pinocchio

But to sadness she arrived with a dead prince and sorrow

She cried and cried and no one can stop her

Tears dropped to his but she’s been a minute late and after

But Pinocchio so faithful wished upon a star

And so with miracle a life returned from a far

The longing Prince with a glass was left in the ball

He had been busy looking for Cinderella in the castle

At the day after, he searched for all the maiden

To fit the slipper as perfectly as must’ve been

And on his quest he found a tall tower

It’s unknown to him for it’s in the middle of nowhere

And so he climbed above towards the window sill

There waited a damsel, a golden-haired Rapunzel

But the slipper was broken, fell down upon

Now the hope of finding his girl was tragically gone

Yet, Rapunzel with beauty caught the prince

So with a smile he uttered, “Will you be my princess?”

And so it was been told they lived happily ever after

Hail on my credit for I, the great mismatch maker

But I don’t know how to end this in time.

So I just have to stop this parody with the word rhyme.


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