August Sky

If it wasn’t for the conflict of ideology, it would never be a battle of worth.

“Don’t try telling me what should be done!” Sky grumbled out after some arguments. She had been the Editor-in-chief of the Academy’s newspaper for more than a year now. And what she believed was firm.

“This is for the Academy and for the students!” a man with an athlete’s built shouted back. His innocent handsome face had been serious by the conversation. His eyes turned to her as if piercing her soul to believe him.

She was caught by his eyes. She moved away.

“If this is about principle, then prove it to me!” she shouted outside the window and found some of the students. She felt fear.

“Fine! So, you’ll have to follow my orders!” there was authority in his words and a fine blend of arrogance. If it was about a battle of principle and proving that what he believed was right, he was pretty much confident. Why not? He was Harvey August, the student welfare president. Students looked up on him. Students believed in him and they followed his orders.

“NO!” she replied decisively.

He was silent for a bit. She went to her table and picked some things –a notebook, a pen and a key. She moved towards his direction. She felt her heart thumping loudly and there were fear, worries and hate. She grabbed Harvey’s hand. It was soft and gentle, not a typical hand for a man like him. He placed the things on his hands vigorously.

“I don’t have to play your games. If you want to prove something, follow mine,” there was anger in the blood running through her. But it wasn’t that strong, there was a mix of something strange, unknown to her.

“Starting tomorrow the office and everything in this office are yours! I’ll give you one month to prove it to me,” she wanted to slap him but his handsome face melted the strength that she had. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She walked to grab her bag and off straight to the open door.

Harvey was confused and tangled. His confidence was changed to worries. Unconsciously, he uttered a word “Sorry.” 

The breeze was starting to cool and every tree was blending to the flavor of autumn. For days, she had busied herself in the library –researching, reading and sometimes killing time as a student aide. She looked outside the window and was fascinated by the vibrant transition of plum trees. It was autumn. She smiled. She watched in great crescendo as the world turned to monochrome.

She spun her eyes to the students scattered in groups on the field and was fascinated how differences took its effects.

There were only two distinctions in this academy –special students of the Stellar class; black blouse, grey skirt and golden star pin on the left chest; the rich and famous, the talented and gifted, the intelligent and witty. And those who belonged in the Regular class; white blouse, grey skirt and silver star pin; the less priority, the world of ordinary and unnoticed.

Although it was a rotten system, it was perfectly helpful. It could let students know who and what they are in the society. Discover their skills and ability and let it improve in the Stellar class, only they have to find their self first. Let them learn what they could do and how important they are. The Academy offered a lot of chances for them to prove they are special. There were arts, music, literature, theater, science, philosophy, sports and other fields. Each of them had his own key to unlock doors. The problem here was not the school’s system, it’s the students themselves.

She had done explaining everything to Harvey, but he seemed locked with his principle.

“How was he doing?” she said. There was a bit of anger, of worry and longing.

She turned back to open her book but was startled by the guy sitting opposite her. She might not have noticed but he was there seconds ago.

“Worried about me?” he whispered with a smile.

It was an instant surprise. She didn’t saw it coming. She just stared widely and her reactive mind did the reply.

“Of course not!” came a roar from her as she stood up. Her words echoed in the library. It was silent and all she could hear were her words reverberating in her ears. Time stopped and a big “SSsssshhhh!” chorused. She stared at them and her cheeks slowly burned. She bit her lips and sat down in great humiliation.

“Whoa? That was humiliating!” said he.

“Shut up!” she whispered. She plunged her head to face him closer.

“I come in peace,” he smiled and it added radiance to the handsome face that irritated her, well, perhaps she adored.

She widened her eyes and gazed at him with a what-do-you-want expression.

“Ok. I admit. I’ve read your explanation about this rotten system we have in this Academy… and…” he paused and thought for a second.

“But I’m not convinced,” he smiled again glaring at the celtic eyes she possessed.

She pierced her gaze at his and now more intense.

“How could you?” she streamed the words in her head.

“Ok. I’ll make this straight. It has been two weeks since the day I ran into your office and got mad which I again beg sorry for that… and it’s been two weeks since the time you insanely handed over to me the key to your office and gave me a month to have what I wanted,”

“So?” she muttered, eyebrows rose in sarcasm.

“You gave me a headache!” painted on his face was annoyance and frustration.

“Your staff won’t follow my command. And just now, all of them resigned!”

She made a hard comprehension… and which she doubted.

“What?” she barked… and again there was a chorus of “SSsssshhhh…” she looked at the people looking at her mockingly.

She quickly sat down moving her head forward towards him and whispered, “All of them?”

He nodded and grabbed her hand.

“That’s why I need your help again,”

“I said no and it means no,” she replied.

He paced his head inches forward staring at each other’s eyes.

“This is history… just say yes!”

She was frozen by the words. She did not understand it. She was digging her soul inside his eyes. She did not know when, but she never hated the man before her. It might be irritating but she liked having arguments with him. In her retrospection, she heard wedding bells. Without knowing, she whispered “I do!” 

Harvey had the plan of uniting the students and trashing out the Stellar –regular system. He had a dream of making a single class Academy. Giving fair share to all students regardless of who he was and what he could do. He knew this would change social discrimination and inferiority. There was only one person that could help him, the Editor-in-chief of the Student Paper –Ellen Sky Davis.

There were only two people that can influence the whole body of students –The Student Welfare President and the Editor-in-chief of the Academy’s publication. With the power of media, everyone will be informed and influenced. With the power of student welfare, everybody will follow and obey.

Still, Sky’s ideology was fixed, she didn’t agree. But with days of talks and arguments they all agreed on one single plan. 

The Academy was all set for a feast. Cheers, laughter, and colorful decorations filled the place. Everything was in the mood for the Crimson festival, the annual autumn celebration. But what made it special was because of the two conflicting ideas.

“Oh! It’s the suicidal Juliet. A man dressed as an archer whispered as he sat on the chair beside a woman in a Victorian gown facing the stage.

“And the great Robin hood is here at last,” she raised her eyebrows and smiled.

“You looked beautiful though,” he was staring at her now and his dark green eyes showed sincerity.

She cleared her throat. She loved how he said it, and how comfortable they are with each other, she had been happy on how days made them closer. How those daily arguments turned out to be a friendship, a mind battle turned to a heart affair.

They both know they are comfortable with each other already and had been seeing truths inside each other’s eyes.

Harvey had been overwhelmed by the perfection of their plan. All students were wearing white; plain white skirts and pants –all for a reason; except for them who were the sponsors of the event. He continued mopping his eyes in the crowd until he was called to speak on stage.

He smiled to Sky and walked towards the stage.

“Hi! How’s everybody doing?” he stated and answers drifted from the crowd and found Sky waiting for his speech.

“We all live in a society of unequal right; where people discriminate each other; where what is seen is the social status. We forgot that God made us all equal. We tend to forget our real selves, our worth, and our rights. Society is a bond of people, so everyone has its own part. In this Academy, we observe the rotten system our society is dealing. They say it’s a tradition. But no, I say it is ignorance. The distinction of our Academy, separation of Stellar from the Regular class has been an issue to me and Sky these days. It opposes my belief that men are all equal, so they need equal treatment –a fair share,” he paused and smile. He looked at Sky and smiled again.

“But no! I’m wrong. Instead, my beliefs supported this system. When we were just young, as a baby, all of us are equal. We were born equal but we grew differently. Some of us grew up with talents, intelligence, fame, and became great artists. Why? Because they did things to have those, while some of us are just right there living ordinarily and unnoticed because they nothing to make themselves special. In order to be special, do special, extraordinary things.

Find yourself to make yourself special. Because this academy gives importance to those who are important. And you, you all have the time to discover the special side of you.

Now fellow students, on this day, we turned you back to babies. You wear white that signifies purity. All of you now are all equal. Starting this day up to the end of this festival, you will all grow. As you grow, you will find yourself, discover what you can do and learn to do special things,” another curve on his lips was seen. She was impressed and was caught in the hands of his persuasion.

“You re all mixed to teach and help each other, to find and discover your worth. Together as you grow, I hope you all find what we are seeking –the special you. If you find it, cherish it and let other people know how special you are,”

Cheers and applauses reigned in every people’s ears .Everyone was impressed and Harvey hurriedly went down to the stage to be with Sky.

“I love it!” Sky shouted struggling to make her words clear for Harvey to hear as words were eaten by the clamor of the crowd.

“What?” he asked not able to catch what she said.

“I said I love…” she stopped destructed by the loud noise and howls of every student.

“Well, I love you too!” he replied teasingly letting his words sank by the loud voices. But still, he knew, it was his heart that was talking.


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