She was out running, trying to catch her breath. At the next bend, she cut across the street where the sub-urban houses lined up the dim-lit streets of Deep Amber. She held her windbreaker tighter to her body as the constraints of the wind lashed against her. She seemed lost, yet she knew where she was heading. She stopped short on her tracks as she found herself standing in front of an oak-craved door and after a moment’s hesitation, bashed on it. Her heart was pounding in resonance with the sound of her knocking. No one answered. She held her knuckles in mid-air for more knocks as the door went ajar bringing to light the appearance of Ulrich.

“Meiko?”  He was holding the door with a dumbfounded look that etched upon his dog-tired face.

She heaved a long sigh.”Hi…um..well, I happen to pass by your house and..uh…I thought I’ll just drop by to…do you mind?” It was an excuse and she was stammering with it, abashed of her intrusion at this late hour.

“Well, since you’re already here…” He was holding the door for her. Gesturing her to come in.

He closed the door behind them and they slumped at the couch beside each other. Her hands were trembling as she fumbled with them. What would be her next move was still in the lap of the gods. She was quite uncertain how she should say it without appearing ridiculous. Well, coming to his house at this rate was already ridiculous to start with. She would not ever think of herself as a brave person. But she did have a style of courage built on willpower. And that’s what had brought her to him.

“So, to what do I owe this pleasant surprise?”  He had his mauve ash eyes locked on her as she rested her gaze upon him. He still had that perplexed look plastered upon his face. All the more nerve-wrecking for her. Continue reading



Crossing Fates

He bit his lower lip. He was anxious. He was not sure how to start what he was about to do but this was his only option to get things done. On his hand were the make-up pallet and the set of his sister. On the table were magazines opened to the leaves with articles concerning beauty tips. He had drowned his eyes reading a lot of beauty pages and searched on sites about how to do a make-up. His reflection was staring at him with much apprehension, worried of what might happen after. But this was not the ideal time to be chickened. He should start with this and the rest will just fall into its places according to his plans. With his bones shivering down his vertebrae and uncertain shaking hands, he grabbed tight of the innocent brush. A push of big blow of air came out of his chest. With deep faith to the tips he read and a doubt on his self, he began applying neutral shade of blush on caramel hues on the apples of his cheeks, set with translucent loose powder. He prettied his self-up by trying just a little bit of eye shadow on the inner corner of his eyes, then blending slightly onto the upper lid. He lavished his nude cherry lips with a light shade of rose hue lip tint that provided his lips a sheen and crystal shine finish. His self was staring at him.

‘Almost done,’ he thought. He bit his lower lip again – a habit that he couldn’t control.

 He was staring in disbelief at himself. If mirror could lie, then, this was the time. But no, the mirror spilled all. With so much awe, he brushed the side of his palm on his face serenely, mouth slightly open, hanging. How pretty he was with make-up on. Well, as a man, it cannot be denied that he was good looking. But now, he’s so beautiful –like his sister. He pouted his lips and made a soft smooching ‘smack’ sound. He giggled. Continue reading

The Drama

The Drama

The Wife

I am pretty.

I’m a lot more caring than her.

We we’re married.

And you still wore the ring in your finger.

You can go to her,

I can let you play in her bed.

Because I stupidly Love you,

More than my heart had said.

I’m still confident and not afraid.

Eventhough right now you’re with her charms.

Because in the end of the day,

You will always end up in my arms.

That’s reality,

And that’s what it says.

For in the world and God’s eyes,

A mistress would always be a mistress.

The Mistress

I’m just a mistress,

And yeah I’m proud of that.

For he always took time,

To have me no matter what.

You are pretty,

And the hell I care with the things you have.

For your time is up,

You can never bring back his love.

You might be her wife,

But you can’t even give him a kid.

I might just a mistress,

But for months now I’m bearing his seed.

You were married,

And for me that’s just fine.

For you have his body,

But his heart will always be mine.

Continue reading


Chasing hearts

As Juri flipped the last page of the book she was reading, balls of icy soft particles slowly tapped her arms, thus, had snow started to fall. When she started her life as senior high student, drastic changes made her whole existence plausible, meeting new friends, creating bonds with certain people close to her and falling in love all alone.

“Feeling the snow falling is great, isn’t it Juri?” A familiar voice struck her ears. It was Chase, one of her closest friends in the stellar class.

“Indeed, it feels much better than receiving a lot of UV rays from the summer sun.” She replied. Something was different while she looked at him, Juri followed where Chase’s eyes went and saw the answer.

“You like Aria, am I right?” Juri suddenly said to him. It was as if nothing stopped her mouth from telling those blunt words to Chase. Aria is Chase’s middle school friend and also one of her closest friends in the stellar class.

“Yes, you perfectly saw through me. Aria is precious to me but she loves Jin.” Chase replied. His eyes were sparkling while he said those words it was as if he tiff out something very unusual yet gave him a tickle in the heart.

“That Jin is his boyfriend, am I right?” Juri asked.

“You’re right, but I don’t intend to break them up. Just keep this as a secret Juri!” Chase answered. The sad look on his face smashed her trembling heart. She knew very well that Chase likes Aria, but she could not stop falling for him.

The one who is an idiot here is me falling for you Chase. Juri whispered to herself. Hers was an unrequited love and it was a fool chase to still hold on to that. Continue reading