Chasing hearts

As Juri flipped the last page of the book she was reading, balls of icy soft particles slowly tapped her arms, thus, had snow started to fall. When she started her life as senior high student, drastic changes made her whole existence plausible, meeting new friends, creating bonds with certain people close to her and falling in love all alone.

“Feeling the snow falling is great, isn’t it Juri?” A familiar voice struck her ears. It was Chase, one of her closest friends in the stellar class.

“Indeed, it feels much better than receiving a lot of UV rays from the summer sun.” She replied. Something was different while she looked at him, Juri followed where Chase’s eyes went and saw the answer.

“You like Aria, am I right?” Juri suddenly said to him. It was as if nothing stopped her mouth from telling those blunt words to Chase. Aria is Chase’s middle school friend and also one of her closest friends in the stellar class.

“Yes, you perfectly saw through me. Aria is precious to me but she loves Jin.” Chase replied. His eyes were sparkling while he said those words it was as if he tiff out something very unusual yet gave him a tickle in the heart.

“That Jin is his boyfriend, am I right?” Juri asked.

“You’re right, but I don’t intend to break them up. Just keep this as a secret Juri!” Chase answered. The sad look on his face smashed her trembling heart. She knew very well that Chase likes Aria, but she could not stop falling for him.

The one who is an idiot here is me falling for you Chase. Juri whispered to herself. Hers was an unrequited love and it was a fool chase to still hold on to that.


Sitting between Aria and Chase inside the classroom is seemingly being trapped in her mother and father’s hug, she felt warm and loved yet it is heaving.

“Are you alright Juri?” Chase broke in Juri’s silence.

“Nothings’ wrong, It’s just that the snow somehow started to fall heavily.” She replied, the atmosphere seemed to be acting up. She had no plans of making the two a worry-wart that was why she had to create white lies just to make them stop asking her weird questions but then again her lies became factual. A heavy snow fall was indeed approaching so classes were suspended.

“I’ll be going first, guys. Jin said he wants to send me home. I’ll see you tomorrow!” Aria left Chase and Juri all alone in their room.

“Won’t you go home now Juri?” Chase asked her. Her heart instantly skipped a beat after knowing that they were all alone but she had to stay focused.

“Nope, there’s an hour more before the bus leaves the station so I guess I’ll just wait here for a bit.” Juri replied.

“Then I’ll wait with you!” Chase answered immediately. Juri did not know what to do so she took out her book and read it.

It was a moment of ice-cold silence, too awkward and creating uneasiness.  Juri wants to start a conversation when abruptly Chase spoke.

“Uhm, didn’t you say that you have a crush in our school?” Chase broke the silence. She was shocked by Chase’s question. She suddenly closed her book.

“Even if I do anything, I still won’t be able to connect my feelings with him. It’s just a one sided love and unfortunately it will do no good to me.” She really nailed the bull’s eye.

“You still don’t want to talk about him. It seems he’s very precious to you!” Chase smiled while looking at her eyes.

“Ah, excuse me. I just like to notify you that all of the students have left the building and I’m checking all the rooms. So you better go home now or else the principal will impose punishment to the two of you.” Harvey, the president of the student welfare said.

“Was Harvey there all throughout our conversation or he had just appeared?” She questioned Chase. On the other hand Chase wasn’t in his sanity anymore. “Hey, Chase? Is something bothering you?”

“Ah yeah, what were you saying Juri?” He answered.

“We should go home now! Come on.” She was faking a smile. At that certain moment she felt that her feeling won’t be able to reach Chase’s.


She sat on the bench observing the snow that slowly touched her skin. She was breathing heavily when Aria suddenly sat beside Juri and started a chat with her.

“Juri, may I tell you a little secret about me?” Aria said to her.

“Sure, as long as it is worth listening to, I guess?” She laughed but deep inside her troubled heart, she can’t seem to smile. Aria talked about her past relationships and so on until she heard the words she didn’t want to hear.

“Back when we were in junior high, I’ve had a crush on Chase before I met Jin but then when Jin confessed to me his carefree words and sincere love, it hit my heart intensely. I didn’t regret anything but if Chase finds a girl for him I guess I’ll be happier.” Aria confessed. Hearing those words it was as if she completely lost to her, if she only picked Chase before Jin there should have been a twist in their fate already.

“If you could be with Chase I think I’ll be the happiest person in the world Juri. My two closest friends getting along with each other is a great thought. Why don’t you invite him out on a date Juri? Chase will definitely say yes and …”

“Shut up Aria! You always think that everything will be okay as long as you are happy. Do you think I’ll be happy with all the things that you are saying? Someone loves you so much that you haven’t even noticed him.” Juri shouted, unable to control the sudden rage. Chase suddenly appeared. Juri ran as fast as she could but he held her back.

“I don’t know the real reason why you fought but please, cut this off.” Chase said. Juri knew that nothing was wrong with what Aria said but it was her that keeps on venting her anger. She shook her arms and ran away. She knew that at that certain time Chase was consoling Aria and she hated it.

You can’t do anything anymore Juri, just give up. She whispered. Her angersubsided and decided to apologize to Aria after.


“It seems that you have reconciled with Aria but I’m sure that you’re not okay, Juri?” He asked. He found Juri at the library who obviously was trying to act drowned with her book.

“I’m okay! It’s just that I don’t feel like walking around lately.” She responded and started reading again when unexpectedly heehehehehhheevhghjkjkkkh touched her forehead. A sudden impulse from an unknown vein struck her sensory nerve. He felt his warm hands, the hands he longed to hold so tight with.

“You’re not feverish but then you still look pale.” He said. She just kept on reading the book and he just sat beside and looked at her as if something was on her face. Her heart thumped like a wind in full throttle.

“Juri, There will be a group date with some guys from the regular class department come with us.” Some classmates of her asked. After the successful Autumn Festival, stellar and regular class students had been getting along. She had heard a lot of these gatherings since, in fact this wasn’t the first invitation but none of them had graced her acceptance. None of its noblest cause had pushed her interest to bump in the dates. But things are changing now, something inside her, something abstract had been providing her reasons to take it for the first time. Juri seemed to be overpowered by the thoughts of how it would save her from her current crisis and agreed going with them without hesitation.

“Hey, what have you eaten that you wanted to go to that group date? Are you not having fun with my company? There really is something wrong with you, Juri” He exclaimed. Words that she didn’t expect to hear came out from the lips of the man she adored but then a part of it made her angry. She stood up and walked fast towards the alley of the second floor down to their room, he followed her but she was not happy at all.

“Yah, Juri! Talk to me!” He shouted. The classroom had been empty, Juri took her bag and walked away but then he closed the door and stood in front of her, worried, pained and confused.

“You know what Chase? Nothing’s wrong with me, in fact I’m marvelously fine! I want to go with our classmates because I want to know what happens outside this four cornered sanctuary but I guess you’re not happy with it.” The atmosphere at that certain time changed.

“They just want your presence in that group date just to be complete and nothing anything deeper!” Chase insisted. His face slowly turned red.

“That’s right, they want my presence and I appreciate it, unlike you. Tell me, have you ever felt my presence? You were just so fixated with Aria that you didn’t even see me!” She shuddered and went away. Tears came rushing, she knew she’ll be despised by him but for her, it was the best way to cut off her ties with him.


Juri sat on the bench. Snow was falling like rain and it was much colder than ever before. She looked for her handkerchief to wipe her tears away; but, then, she noticed that it wasn’t there, so she went back to the classroom and heard Chase talking to the phone.

“You had a fight again with him?” He said. Her heart was trembling all over again but this time she needed to be composed as if nothing happened a while ago. She thought that she should’ve just told about their secrets, and maybe they will be with each other. She had decided to forget about him completely.

“Aria, I think you should talk it out with Jin without my help anymore! I should not be meddling with your problems anymore.” Chase cut the conversation then placed his phone in his bag.

“Wait, Chase! Aria needs your help. She’s in trouble with Jin and I think if you confess to her she’ll be—” Juri wasn’t able to finish her words when Chase hugged her suddenly.

“The one I like is not Aria. When you said that you have given up your feelings for your crush it instantly made my heart happy because I’ll have the chance to be in your eyes. I didn’t want you to go earlier to that group date because I don’t want you to leave me. I want your presence and I need your existence Juri” Chase’s words stunned her. She was dazed and still incapable of responding to his abrupt confession.

“Won’t you say anything back at me Juri?” he said it with such a soft toned voice.

“I—I’m surprised. I don’t know. But I’m happy and I like you too, Chase!” she ran out of words and just hugged Chase back.

The moment he said those words, her romantic reverie turned into a vivid reality. His lucid confession brought her bliss. They fell in love like a snow, they melted in the hands of their true love and froze their senses in the best aspect they can, for loving is like the winter season, the colder it gets the tighter they embraced it. The one-sided love of two different people came across with each other, their lanes have met and the walls between them had been crushed. Well, they traveled a long path for their feelings to reach each other and, for them, to have a seat in the place where they deserve the most, the palace of all emotions, their “HEARTS.”

Written by  Jarane Marie Eileen Tabia. A connecting story for August Sky.


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