The Drama

The Drama

The Wife

I am pretty.

I’m a lot more caring than her.

We we’re married.

And you still wore the ring in your finger.

You can go to her,

I can let you play in her bed.

Because I stupidly Love you,

More than my heart had said.

I’m still confident and not afraid.

Eventhough right now you’re with her charms.

Because in the end of the day,

You will always end up in my arms.

That’s reality,

And that’s what it says.

For in the world and God’s eyes,

A mistress would always be a mistress.

The Mistress

I’m just a mistress,

And yeah I’m proud of that.

For he always took time,

To have me no matter what.

You are pretty,

And the hell I care with the things you have.

For your time is up,

You can never bring back his love.

You might be her wife,

But you can’t even give him a kid.

I might just a mistress,

But for months now I’m bearing his seed.

You were married,

And for me that’s just fine.

For you have his body,

But his heart will always be mine.

The Husband

She’s the one I married,

The one I vowed to live forever.

I must love her always,

A promise committed for her.

I’m her husband,

But still I’m just a man.

I must stand by it,

And choose only one.

You’re my mistress,

And I hate that saying to you.

For you are not a mistress to me,

You’re my happiness, my love so true.

It will hurt a lot,

But I have to live with my chosen life.

I love you so dearly,

But she’s still my wife.

The Sacrifice

The lonely mistress,

Was bearing the husband’s son.

The fruit of her love,

To a married man.

It’s her sacrifice,

To outgrow the child alone.

Kept away from danger.

To possess him as her own.

Then the time had come,

For her to blow a force.

To bring the child to the world,

Let him live at any course.

But fate so cruel,

It was the hardest labor.

So as the son cried out loud,

The mistress wasn’t breathing anymore.

The Consequence

The husband was grieving,

For the lost he had.

His mistress was dead,

He felt so bad.

He blamed himself,

For what he had done.

If it wasn’t for him,

The mistress won’t be gone.

But it happened,

So he must face reality.

Alone with regrets,

He was haunted with fury.

For his son, he must live,

Despite the painful occurrence.

Now as a father,

He must face the consequence.

The Promise

So the wife cried,

For the death of the mistress.

For the grief of the husband,

For the situation like this.

She thought to herself,

She will be a good wife now and then.

Despite with the heavy heart,

The mistress and husband were forgiven.

She promised,

To the husband to be a better wife,

To accept and love his son,

Give him a good life.

To the mistress she cried,

And said she still love her.

Now she grieves for her lost,

For the mistress is still her sister.


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