Design of Death

“Not again,”

He was scared. It was always the same dream. No, more likely he considered it as a nightmare. It’s the dream that kept on haunting him giving him sleepless nights or if he sleeps, he’ll woke up drenched in heavy sweats. He almost lost grip of sanity because of the nightmares he had every night. He knew that it will happen. He could attest to that. That reality made him shiver and goosebumps started to sprout all over his trembling body.

It was almost 2AM when he woke up. He thought of things to stop the haunting. What he was thinking was quite stupid and he knew no one will believe him either even if it’s a battle between life and death.

“But why that man?” He was perched on his bed, leg folded and both hands were on the side of his head pressing it lightly. He somewhat hated that man because of his arrogance. Yet, he couldn’t do a thing for he was the man of his nightmare. Whether he likes it or not, he has to alter the dreams to stop his nightmares or else it will be his conscience that will spook him every minute. He looked at the clock. It’s 2:30AM. The ticking of the clock brought back a memory he gravely wanted to forget.

Keanne was 12 years old when he dreamt of a plane crash. He thought it was just a dream he got from watching too much movies but, it did happen. His father woke him up from his deep slumber telling him that his mother was dead –because the plane where his mother was, crashed. Truth sank in him, yet he peeved the thought of his dreams as a premonition anyway. Different other dreams continued to visit his nights and he kept on ignoring every single dream he had. But, almost all came true. And it virtually drove him nuts.

It was when he was 16 when he dreamt that his father will be a victim of an explosion. He told his father not to go because he’ll die.

Death? Son, do not fear death for it is always following us. Anywhere. It is when we show fear that it will jump on us and will devour our existence. But, if we show death that we are not afraid, it will just cast its glare on us and guide us into eternity…” His father said laughing, leaving him alone in their house.

It indeed happened. Tensed as he was pacing back and forth inside his room, a newsbreak proved and intensified his tension. A bomb exploded on the building where his father worked. He was scared. He was shivering. He was weeping because of the loss of his father. He couldn’t believe that his dreams were made real.

He wiped his wet eyes with the side of his palm. The emotional review of the past was distressed by a loud fire truck alarm. It rang a bell inside his head. Fire. ‘The dream!’ He dreamt that the man was trapped inside a burning house. That was sudden and his reflexes brought him outside running towards the incident. The fire was in Deep Amber just blocks away from his home. Two houses and a half were eaten by the fuming fire. It was like hell and seemed that death gods were on the loose for souls. People were gathered and on panic. He believed that the man on his dreams was living on one of the burning houses that he has to find a way to go inside the house and save the man.

He was still a bit stunned by the waving fire in front of him that he didn’t noticed that a kid was crying towards him.

“Please, my brother is inside our house, please, save him…” Said the boy between cries. His knees wobbled, frightened of the fire in front of him. He remembered the last thing his father said to him, to not fear death. He took a deep breath, trying to be brave. Without further much ado, he ran to the burning house told by the boy.

The fire was stinging him but he care less. To God he prayed earnestly to spare the life of the one trapped inside the house. Everything was burning and the house seemed a labyrinth that he couldn’t find his way towards where the man was. He heard a loud banging and fading ‘help’ way to the bathroom and there, he found a man lying unconsciously faced down on the floor. He was not hurt or burned but he supposed lost air because of suffocation. Adding to the shocking turn of events was the fact that the man was the man in his dreams. For that, he was happy to know. He praised God for he was safe. Bravely, he seeks for the outside carrying the man on his back.


The sun beamed vexing to pass on the curtains that swayed as the wind blew quietly. He woke up from his long sleep. He held his head that was a little bit aching.  That was the longest sleep he had since he’d been dreaming of premonitions. He grabbed tight of the pillow on his chest…how he missed the feeling of a good night sleep…

“I’m so glad you’re already awake.” A man came inside the room. Surprised by the intrusion, he wasn’t able to say a word but only raises his left eyebrow like asking why he was inside his room. But soon he realized that it was not his room. Later, it sank into him all that happened last night before he fainted. He was able to save him – he saved Harvey. The man of his nightmares.

Keanne knew last night won’t be the last dream he’ll ever have but he’s not afraid anymore. Death might be the most dangerous assassin but he is braver now. The thought of it sketched a smile on his lips.

Written by Reymar Castillano. A connecting story for Living in Someone Else’s Shadow.


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