Whispered Harmony 1: The Touch

Whispered Harmony: The TouchRomance had filled the empty room of the church as the two hearts rejoiced the recognition of their unspoken love. It was Crisford who played the keys. He would always be delighted in playing his piano. Every song that he played brought him to the world where his own mind could see. He was always happy. Soaking every finger as the key made a magical and sweet voice of his heart. It was like the piano and him, united as one.

Esther, the angel of his heart brought out the words as Crisford played. She had the voice that only a deity can possess. She had the feature of a perfect angel. Deep dark eyes like precious ebony. Red lips smooth and fragile like cherries that brought life to her angelic face. And a voice like the soothing wind of the Atlantic that brings warmth and serenity to the cold hearts. But Crisford doesn’t care about everything. It was the voice, the kindness, and purity that made him fell in love. He fell in love to Esther; to a girl he didn’t even see and didn’t even know.

“Uh, Esther?” He muttered in a slowly shaky manner. He was hesitant to form his sentiments into words.

“Yes?” Esther replied in a sweet sensible way.

“Can I t-touch your f-face?” At last! The words went out. But his voice conveyed how shy he was. He was like a toddler who found difficulty in speaking. Then Esther smiled, grabbed his hand and brushed it solemnly over her face. She was happy how Crisford touched and caressed her face. Her cheeks, her lips, her nose and her skin. He was the only man in her entire life that brought vigor to her senses. Where she felt love in just a touch.

“Even though my eyes couldn’t see, my hands and my heart know that you’re beautiful.” He was proud of his words. He knew and believed that Esther is an angel. The angel that comes to him every night and just fly back to the sky every time the bell rang at night. The angel that sings his songs and always bring aster to him. Her favorite flower –and his too. They always have something in common. Something that binds them together. They share of interests, they share of music, songs, they share of stories about angels and they share of love.

“I need to go!” This was her last words for the night. Words that told him that she had to fly back. Words that promised that she will come back and sing their songs again.

* * *

“Why do you always have to manipulate my life?” Esther stroked heavy-heartedly to her dad after hearing the news.

“Because I’m your father!” Esther’s dad blurted out.

“Yeah! You’re just my father! And that’s it!” Now, she was losing her respect. She was deeply angry and didn’t care that she was shouting to her dad.

Surprised, her dad stared at her fiercely. “I can’t believe that I’m hearing this from you Esther!” There was a long pause, a silence that brought awkwardness to both.

“You’re going to marry him.” He continued.

“No I’m in love with someone else and he’s the one I’m going to marry!”

“For Christsake Esther! He’s an orphan! He’s useless!” He shouted back.

“But he is the one I love! And he is perfect!”

“I don’t care about love! You’re going to marry and that’s final!” He blasted angrily. Now, with that tone of a master. It wasn’t a thing to argue but an order to follow. She was terrified. She felt weak and she was muted. Tears started streaming down and all she could do was cry.

To be continued…


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