Whispered Harmony 2: The Piano

Whispered Harmony: The Piano

Continued from Whispered Harmony 1: The Touch

“Why do you always have to manipulate my life?” Esther stroked heavy-heartedly to her dad after hearing the news.

“Because I’m your father!” Esther’s dad blurted out.

“Yeah! You’re just my father! And that’s it!” Now, she was losing her respect. She was deeply angry and didn’t care that she was shouting to her dad.

Surprised, her dad stared at her fiercely. “I can’t believe that I’m hearing this from you Esther!” There was a long pause, a silence that brought awkwardness to both.

“You’re going to marry him.” He continued.

“No I’m in love with someone else and he’s the one I’m going to marry!”

“For Christsake Esther! He’s an orphan! He’s useless!” He shouted back.

“But he is the one I love! And he is perfect!”

“I don’t care about love! You’re going to marry and that’s final!” He blasted angrily. Now, with that tone of a master. It wasn’t a thing to argue but an order to follow. She was terrified. She felt weak and she was muted. Tears started streaming down and all she could do was cry.

* * *

It was Monday night and Crisford was all alone inside the church. Alone in the holy realm. Playing his songs of love, hope and happiness. Singing praises to God. He loved this night. He can sing out loud the feelings he felt. Until his angel heard it and came to him at last. He heard footsteps, and he stopped playing his songs.

“Esther?” He shouted out. It wasn’t a question. It was more than a greeting of his heart. Then she appeared in the stairs, walking solemnly towards him with teary eyes, and pale. But she managed to smile. Grateful that Crisford was blind, that he didn’t have to see her in pain.

“Crisford? I need to tell you something.” Her voice was serene, but the sadness of it lingered.

“Another story of angels?” Crisford hurriedly replied like a child hungry for bedtime stories. Esther didn’t know what to tell. She thought of possible ways, of excuses that they will not be meeting anymore.

“Is there a problem?” Now he felt the sadness in Esther’s heart. He was worried. No. He was afraid.

“Crisford, don’t get mad. I’m leaving away from here.” She was fighting her tears. She didn’t want to cry.

“I’m leaving you.” She said in a soft whisper.

“Just because I’m blind?” Crisford can’t think of any possible reason but his blindness. He was acting like a kid now. He played his hands angrily to the keys. The piano was mad. And he was sad.

“No! It’s not that! You are perfect and I love you. I don’t want to hurt you anymore. I’m leaving away from here and I don’t want you to look for me.” She was crying now. Great emotions mixed in her tears. And it dropped on his hands.

“Please forget about me. Everything about me!” Tears were streaming like a wild river.

“Don’t cry.” Crisford said in a calm, smooth tone. His voice was lifeless, but it’s full of understanding. He always had to understand everything.

“I don’t want you to be sad.” His voice was affected by pain. It hurt him. Hurt that only his heart could feel. But he had to do it.

Love is sacrifice, love is pure, it is not envy, and it is not selfish. He thought of these things. The things that he always thought when he was still a child. He thought of his childhood days. His father left him in the church. His mother that neglected him and didn’t even care to have him back. He thought of all the pain. The pain that once healed by Esther, and now the pain brought by Esther.

“Can I kiss you?” He twisted the long silence. It seemed that it was the only thing he must do –or can do.

Esther wiped her tears, and she kissed him. Their lips tasted each other’s love. His lips driving passionately her whole senses. Kissing bit by bit her neck, to her shoulders and down to her breasts. She started to let go of the pains and hurts –he was too.

They were both on the top of the piano, naked, toes on the keys. The piano released a playful harmony as their toes touched the piano keys, along with their rhythmic movements. It was the moment, their last moment. A soul to soul harmony. A body, heart and soul secret where the piano, the statue of the angels and God had witnessed.

To be continued….


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