HisThoughts #58

Pain and hurt


The Question

girl cry

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“Why?” She asked beyond sobs. Looking at her face, she’s as close as her 5 year-old self years ago asking her mother why would her father have to leave. But it’s not like that. That she wished it will just be like that. That everytime her father left, there’s always been an assurance of him coming back.

Yet this one is different.

Her body was shivering from an inner impulse of unnamed pain. Her arms, bloody and numb held tightly the un-breathing flesh of her beloved , already damped with her tears.

Her childhood friend, her brother, her first love. He was just sixteen and why?

She just kept herself crying. For every moment, she wished this was just like back when she was a child, that when someone leaves, he will comeback. Truth is, she had grown already, she knew all about the laws of death and life, all the mockeries of fate and all the hurts of reality. Still, death was out of her own comprehension.

What she just understood was that he left, he will never come back. What’s worst, she had never even heard him saying goodbye.

“Why?” she asked again.


She looked up the stars. By the static twinklings of the moonless night, she wondered how many wishes did the sky have collected this time. She bowed down and lay over the floor of the autumn meadow. She focused her eyes towards every star and found what she was looking for.

She laughed.

“You’re bigger now.”  She talked to the star.

“Guess I’ve been wishing a lot this year, huh? Seems that I’ve been feeding you a lot.”

She had been silent for minutes, gazing solemnly at the gallant light that twinkled in pride.

“Thanks.” She whispered.

She closed her eyes, inhaled the sweetness of the night breeze. For a moment she felt herself light and happy. It wasn’t a surprise, but it’s something she had never felt a long time.

She stood and held herself into an apt composure. She decided to take a slow pace back but as soon as she took her steps, she started running.


The Rain, The Dance, The Tears

With touch and wishes and rain romance.

He dared to move a lovely dance.

Set the fears aside, let the hopes remain.

“Tell me.” She asked. “Have you ever danced somebody under the rain?”

“Ah!” He said. “I did. To you I have danced.”

“How?” She wondered. “We had never met once.”

“In my dreams.” He replied. “I held you in my arms.”

“You’re graceful and enchanting, a dance full of charms.” Continue reading