The Rain, The Dance, The Tears

With touch and wishes and rain romance.

He dared to move a lovely dance.

Set the fears aside, let the hopes remain.

“Tell me.” She asked. “Have you ever danced somebody under the rain?”

“Ah!” He said. “I did. To you I have danced.”

“How?” She wondered. “We had never met once.”

“In my dreams.” He replied. “I held you in my arms.”

“You’re graceful and enchanting, a dance full of charms.”

“So now, under this cold I dance in luck,”

“Hoping that in real, you will dance with me back.”

He moved, held her in her hips and took his steps of tempo.

“Sorry.” She responded in a graceful let go.

He was left alone, wet from pain and love.

Under the rain he danced in tears for a girl he failed to have.


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