My Real Fairy Tale


You’ve been to that point where you believe that in every tower lies Rapunzel and that every frog is a prince waiting for a kiss. But when you started to grow, you’ll tend to realize that fairy tales never exist. Until you meet someone and reignite that flaring hope for princesses, princes, fairies and knights in shining armor. Then you got married and drawn back to reality, got children and a tiring job, became busy in work, in family and in life, and the spirit of magical fantasies faded.

Then you will have that moment where you sit on your rocking chair, looking at your children, your children’s children, thinking about the past, how you had been in your childhood – catching memories and fishing significant thoughts.

You will try digging the old things you had kept in a wooden chest until you reached your old book of fairy tales. You scanned it with your eyes and hands, feeling every detail as it contains old memories. You will open it, will feel the moment of magic like it was the first time. Reading at every word as you try to savor the stories inside it. You will then realize how great it has been to live and you’ll relate yourself to a fairy tale story you knew. Then the flame that long been gone restored. For you yourself is living in a fairy tale.

You had been young enough to believe in fairy tales and you will go back to it, old enough to believe again.

I will leave this year with this last post. A post of believing and believing again. One of the greatest things in life is faith, the belief that you bear inside. Once it glares inside you, you’ll have a life full of potentials and see things differently. Once you believe in fairy tales everything seems magical. But the secret of fairy tales is not magic, but faith.

Keep that faith and have a prosperous new year to everyone.

All smiles!


Confessions of a lousy blogger

the blogger

21st of December, I guess this is the moment where all of us had been waiting since we learned about the Mayans.  Set that end-of-the-world things aside, this day is always significant to me – for it’s the day I was born. Hurray happy birthday! But it’s not just that, some of the best and worst happenings in my life also happened in this date. Heartbreak, reconciliation, Christmas party, street party escapade and some of the YOLO moments. And again, to add up in my awesome birthday experience list, and since this is my 100th post, I will share to you my life as a blogger. Continue reading

The Christmas Creation

In every Christmas I draw these trianglessss

Three in fact with the same angles.

But sizes are obviously different.

A small, medium, large of what it is meant.

I placed the smallest on top and the largest below.

Colored ‘em green, hues of life and glow.

Then made long diagonal rectangles.

Placed like a sash awarded to the triangles.

Gave one to each of it as it was told.

Color ‘em maroon or yellow or gold.

Then I put circles in sizing variety.

Do the math and have as many as it can be.

Do the color according to your like.

Play with shades, just let the art strike.

For the finish touch this is an easy call.

Put a square under the largest rectangle.

Then put a star on top of your creation.

Color it gold or silver or even combination.

And viola! You see!

You just created a Christmas tree!

The Precious Present

I guess, some of you might notice I’ve had posted this story a long time. But since that Christmas is approaching, which is the season of giving and sharing, allow me to provide you a great inspiration through this story which inspire by the time I went in a bookstore for a book and author hunt.


Read. Enjoy. Be inspired.

Once, there was an old man who lived alone in a little cabin. Everyday a little boy would always visit the old man to play and hear stories. One day, the child asked the old man. Continue reading

A Matter of Everything: Be inspired!

We committed mistakes, things got worst and we became so helpless. In a snap of the human impulse, we shun our part of the story and directly point others for the blame – a matter of defense mechanism.

It is fact, few are those who will sit down and ask “What have I done?” and more are those who will get mad and shout “What have you done?”

Continue reading