Naked, do you?

It’s 30 minutes before 12 midnight. John Veseley’s A Naked Twist in my Story album is currently playing on my playlist. The window is widely open  on my right side where a lunar phenomenon can be seen on the sky. The night is cold, I’m in my boxers and tank top, I feel my body shivering from the cold and obviously see my fingers shake as I type this random thought. I just let my usual 11PM sleep time pass, sleep is not calling me.

I’m playing this Spooky Aquarium sort of game and getting drown by John’s serenades to keep myself calm. I was in the middle of this peace, when suddenly a thought came on my mind. Things or persons are different really when they’re naked.

True. Really, they are different when they are naked.

Let’s go literal. We know how every people look like with their best clothes, how they appear in blue, or yellow or red. How gorgeous and handsome they had become with the few matches of the latest fashion. But once they appear naked before you, things will appear differently. There’s no feeling of style in this one, no rubbish thought about what’s best or what’s not. All the idea of clothing will then be gone and will direct our perception to only one idea, finding what’s wrong, looking at something perfect and real.

Now let’s go figuratively. One of the basic concerns which links to this one is maturity and understanding. We know that being naked, is being truthful, what’s real. One of my greatest frustrations while growing up is knowing that the things I adore actually don’t exist, especially the cartoon related stuffs. I believe in Santa, in Pokemons, in toys that have life and in magical items. But once I grew up, these things had been naked to me, I learned how these things were, how fictional they are. Thus, my thoughts became different, like how I see frogs as princes before fades into idea that frogs are amphibians who could live both water and land.

Nakedness is the real thing as they say.

I guess this is where I end for this moment, for it’s only minutes to twelve and truly, I’m shshivering. Sorry for not going deep with this random thought. 😐 My mind doesn’t have anything to say anymore.

P.S. Thanks to Seconhand Serenade for his A Naked Twist in my Story album and also to the Lunar Occultation that can be seen outside the window 🙂


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