Congratulation Graduates!


In the Philippine Educational System, March or April will be the months were classes come to its end, from its rough year or learning, and today few of my friends are graduating from college. So happy that they survived the rollercoaster-horrortrain-underwaterdive torture of college. They had experienced torture so they deserve this educational orgasm. But honestly, college is not that really hard, it’s how you perceive it – having fun with everything, living the actual life.

So as I salute to the dear graduating zombies, I’ll offer them this message.

Hansel said to Gretel, “Let us drop these breadcrumbs so that together we find our way home because losing our way would be the most cruel of things.”

In your journey to college, you are like Hansel and Gretel walking along the unfamiliar walks of the woods. You know something about the woods, but you can’t tell what it holds for you. There is this certain moment of your life where you get lost in the middle of the journey not knowing where and how to continue. But you left breadcrumbs behind you, so you always have something that assured you that you should keep going, leading to the right track. So you went on…

As students, four years will always be a long journey in process. You met new faces, you developed friendship, you cried and laughed hard, you created borders and bridges – a lot of things may happen. But that long years led you to where you are now, victorious and hopeful. Look at your hands, calloused from the years of holding pens, papers, computer and books. Look at your feet, where did it bring you? Look at your self now, you are like eagle on its heights to soar with pride.

As gradates, the years will be short in a snap. There’s the reverie on how you started this chapter, how you formed it, and just now, you are ending it. You are now embracing victory. Closing the chapter and unfolding a new one. You deserve a tap at your back and a big loud applause for it. You deserve the world and the things it offers. You deserve success and happiness. You deserve this life.

Yet be thankful to everybody, extend your gratitude to everyone. To God, being the sun, moon and stars of the way, which guided and led you to where you should go. To your parents, being the breadcrumbs that reminded you that they are always on your back. To your Alma mater, being the kind of forest that gave you the greatest test to live a new life fully equipped. To your dear mentors, for being the road that led you correctly in every track you step. To your classmates and friends, being the people who walked with you and continued journey holding your hands. Salute all of them for being part of your life.

To all the graduates, let me share to you a quote I once thought. “Life is not just the greatness of the end, but it’s the success after.” No matter how great you end your chapter in college, it’s always the greatness of what’s after that weigh the best success.

Congratulations once again graduates and hope to see you smile in the world where your heart really is. Kudos! 🙂


2 responses to “Congratulation Graduates!

  1. I’ll just have to pretend that we actually dont know each other..
    very inspiring, indeed.! While reading, i just can’t help but nod and say “yeah, right.. that’s how it really things are”


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