As the spider knits its web…

spider web

As the spider knits its web…

The spider moved its legs

Came down the green curtain

Paraded, crisped, paused, paraded

Perfect place to web a home

It heard shouts, rumbles

Noise was drawing near

A door opened in a roar

Swallowing the terror of the hidden crime

A girl, cries for help

Yet nothing but walls called hear

Following, men of three

Smiling – no- laughing

First one, shirt of copper

Held the girl both hands

She screamed, battled in honor

Second one, shirt of white

Dove himself over her

Briskly, deadly, clumsily

His hands travelling all over

Tracing the signature of who she was

Third one, shirt of grey

Tracing every cover of her flesh

Now she’s naked, raw, vulnerable

White, unattached his bearings

Went down his trousers

Bid the demon in a fight

He waved, moved, pierced

Hungry of the flesh

Savoring of what her body could offer

He moaned in a laugh

Bursted out the omen

He’s done – unsatisfied

Copper, rushed in the cruelty

Hands over her breasts

Pressing in a rhythmic momento

His self, now hard and courageous

Swimming underneath

Slurping inside her

He moved in the lustful tango

He’s graceful

He’s good

He reached it

He’s done

Now she’s tired

Detached from her flesh

Yet she’s not done for the world

Grey, now naked and ready

Embraced the pleasure of finale

He owned her now

Now that her body left her

Now that she’s only a soul

He ruled over her immortality

Biting, licking, penetrating

Owning every spot possible

Like a carnivore over its prey

Every temple was his

He’s rascal, he laughed

Spitting the last of his liquefied maleness

Over her

Upon her beauty

Open and weak from inhumanity

Eyes full of tears

Piercing the only light

From the window with the curtains of green

Printed with flowers, decorated with web

Over it the spider still knitting

Cob now elegant and huge

Just as it placed the last of its grace

The door closed


Thundering in evil melody

Fading outside

Lowering volume


The spider rest itself finally

Left the room silent, unmoving

Except for a body

Shaking in random pains

Lying in deathly breaths

Stared blankly at the window

At the green curtain

At the web

Where a fly  was trapped

The first victim of its newly built gallery.


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