Original article by John Benneth

Someone died so you could live, and so live that life in fullness.

He came in flesh to be nailed on the wood.

Take it literally. Take this like you’ve heard a schoolmate of yours beaten hundred times by a group of bystanders while innocently walking one saturday midnight. This schoolmate of yours had muscle-deep scratches, can’t walk anymore, had serious stabbed wound right on the liver part of his body. He had skull fracture, bloody face, barely breathing, rib fracture, back full of knife scratches. Then was finally hung on a tree while still alive. Begged for help but no one came, no one heard, no one can rescue.

Take it from there. Even Jesus suffered 10x more. Yes. It did happen to Him. The weight of helplessness was exponential. His Father had forsaken Him, cannot even look at Him.

Can you bear the weight? I cannot. Honestly.

But He did.

He suffered hell on earth so we can enjoy heaven.

Count the scratches, measure the blood loss, rule out the length of the slashes on His entire body, check out the depth of the wounds, see how many organs were punctured. And the rib cage, how many functioning ribs left to protect the lungs? How many minutes did it take for His lungs to sustain the last minutes of His life on earth? Wounds causes infection, multiply that by a hundred and check the body temperature. I had 40 degrees fever 3 years ago and it was like hell. I was so hot, literally, and wasn’t able to bear the headache. Goodness, for Jesus, that could’ve been the worst – not just headache – but brainache. His fractured skull could have almost explode.

Physically, He was dying. Name it, a mixture of blood, dust, dirt, and spit from people who persecuted Him, the rust of the stuff used to beat him – all covering His skin, head to toe. Don’t forget the sweat made of body salt, being absorbed back by the wounds. That’s more than painful for a man to bear.

Emotionally, He was breaking apart. People stating unbelief to Him, disciples betraying Him, parade of people insulting, laughing, bullying Him, closest friends turning away from Him, having an earthly mother not being able to help Him.

..worst, having a Heavenly Father, who cannot even look at Him, and eventually turns back at Him.

Those wounds, those tortures, and everything ~ are the sum of all the past, present, and future sins of you and me and each single one of us.

Calculated by God in advance, He saw our imperfections, our filthy lives in and out, day in and day out. He compiled each of our sins one by one, from A to Z, collected all of these sins and slapped it to the physical body of Christ – His one and only Son.

Father God was soooo mad and hated sin soooo much that He had to direct all of His wrath to the body of His Only Son Jesus Christ UNTIL His anger towards sin is satisfied in that physical body that Jesus Christ Himself volunteered to make it a representative of all humanity.

Father God accepted the challenge, that if Jesus will make it to a point of living a 100% human life with 100% sinlessness, Jesus will be qualified to represent all of humanity to pay for ALL sins of the past, present and future.

To cut the long story short, yes, He soooo suffered emotionally to a point that His own Father turned back at Him because God is so holy that He cannot bear to face the gravity of the sins of the world that was covering the body of His Son.

Those mixture of blood, dust and all those stuffs covering Jesus was not just mere silly mixture, that was a mixture of all the sins of the world. He carried that mixture from point A to point Calvary, the point of Judgment.

The condition was to be sinless from birth to point A, until point Calvary.

From birth, to point A, until point Calvary, Jesus fulfilled the condition; lived sinlessly, and sin paid fully.

Done. Expense paid. Paid in full.

He had to die then. The blood-signed contract had ended.

Remember what His last words?

~ “It is finished.”

Remember what happend next?

~He died.

Can you do the same? Try saying ‘it’s done’, then go die. Let’s see what happens next.

Here’s the catch:

~Jesus Christ is the Lord. He is not controlled by death. He can leave the body anytime He wanted to.

But here, He only left when Father God accepted the full payment for the sins of the world.

He left the physical body by His own will.

“It is finished,” it’s like saying, ‘You’re sins are paid. Cashed out, now My Father in heaven cannot punish you anymore as long as you accept what I did for you and believe that I am the Lord of your life.’

It is finished means He bought us with His own blood. He owns us. Jesus owns us.

He only came clothed in human form for 1 purpose: To give us THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life.

He plainly said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life, No one comes to the Father except THROUGH Me.’

Saw the twist? He meant giving us the way, the truth, and the life. But what He did was giving his own life. But He doesn’t have the way, the truth and the life, He is.

No Jesus, no forgiveness.
No Jesus, no freedom.
No Jesus, no life.
No Jesus, means you have to live a perfect life from birth till death in order to be saved. Problem is, you can’t control death. It can happen anytime. You can die anytime.

That’s why He had to pay in advance, because humanity doesn’t hold life nor death.

He had to make and show us the way and the truth in advance so that everyone has a chance to decide whether to accept and be saved or reject and suffer the wrath of God in hell for eternity.


But spiritually?

He was whole. He was prepared. He had a vision. His goal was intact. He is ready though His body and soul was not. He was inspired by the vision of seeing us enjoy eternity with Him in heaven.

He cannot give up because He doesn’t want to lose you til eternity in hell.

He cannot give up out of those tortures, skull and rib fractures, stabbed wounds, extreme fever, blood loss, multiple organ failure, because He’d rather die in physical and emotional torture than seeing us floating in agony in the lake of fire.

He cannot give up because He wants to be with us.

He cannot give up because He wants His Heavenly Father be restored to us. He knew sin blocked the Holy God to have a relationship with a sinner. And He was committed to break that Sin until His last breath.

He cannot give up because He wants to see us one day face to face.

He cannot give up because He knows the feeling of being forsaken.

He cannot give up because He doesn’t want us to be helpless in times of need someday.

He cannot give up so we can have a way out to every schemes of the devil against us.

He cannot give up because He is God. And He mean it when He said He loves us.

He cannot give up. He didn’t give up. He overcame the world first, so we can take heart, and overcome everything in life, too.

He did not give up, He never did.

In fact, He came down from heaven.

In fact, He went down from heaven that we may have life.

And in fact He did all these things so that we may have life, and have it in full.

‘I came that you may have life, and have it in full.’ John 10:10

He wants you whole, complete, fulfilled, joyful, enjoying life, to have a dream, to live your life and fulfil your destiny.

Only possible, through Him. Nothing else. No one else, only through Him…..

~To live is Christ, and to die is gain.


4 responses to “LiFE IN ITS FULLNESS

  1. As I wipe the tears from my eyes and try to get my heart rate back down, I just wanted to let you know that the visual you portrayed here has completely blessed me! Anyone who reads this and is not compelled by the GREATNESS of Jesus Christ is…. I just don’t even know a word that can explain right now! I am so overwhelmed with emotion… Anyway… THANK YOU! I just happened upon your blog looking for quotes on Maturity and Jesus had something greater in mind!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for your wonderful words. Just wanted to let you know that whatever burdens you have or issues in life, they can always be healed through faith. So keep that faith rolling. And if you need someone to talk, I’m here. Again, thank you and have a great day!

  2. Amazing there is still people of this caliber on our planet….Refreshing to say the least and fantastic to cheer you up….With all the greed around, the corruption the back stabing our world is auto destroying itself I am 75 I was just looking for quotes on fate
    and I found this. Thank you to a great human being to be so resolutely a believer
    and to put it in words that make sense, it reminded me of a former Manager that used to tell me you see every time those people do bad they are crucifying Jesus, but people do not pay attention may be what the world need is a great cataclysm
    God bless

    • Hi Philippe,

      Thank for your kind words. This piece is just actually a work of my friend and I’m glad that it helped you in some way. Although the world has gone darker, I believe that there are still great people, who have such great faith that is enough to make the difference.

      Thank you for the time you’ve taken to read this piece.

      Kind regards.

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