About Me

Over a cup of coffee

Let’s just make this as if we’re in a cafeteria, we’re both strangers who just met for the first time, as usual I’m having my afternoon coffee. I just love coffee, the taste, the odor, everything about it especially in moments like I haven’t eaten my lunch, the taste would definitely be magical and…oh sorry I forgot about you. So again we’re here in a cafeteria, I’m having my usual coffee and you having something you like, I don’t know what that something-you-like is, so I guess it’s a frozen yogurt, or a banana split, or a strawberry milkshake or a coffee just like mine but much stronger, but anyways it’s delicious.

So I was there at the corner, alone in a Victorian type tea table with four chairs, you then came and say hi then asked if it’s just ok to sit down. Then I said sure, the moment you sat down, that’s just how everything started.

We’ve been silent for minutes, hesitant whether to talk or just go on with our own business, but since being sociable myself (which in reality, not that really), I began to talk. I asked about your name, your favorites, 20% details of your life actually. We’ve been exchanging questions all throughout that’s then you’ve known me.

That I’m 22 now, born in the 21st of December in the year 1990 (so clearly, I’m a 90s kid). But I’m always young at heart. I appreciate and see things which children normally see. I grew up with Hannah Barbera cartoons, Disney movies and fairy tale books, which I loved so much.

That I live in the Philippines, in the Visayan region and know how to speak three languages, two native dialects and our mother tongue.

That I love coffee more than tea, or milk, or cola or beer. That I drink coffee everyday, sometimes thrice actually. I usually make this ice coffee with sundae or ice cream on top, my own recipe.

That I love films, especially cartoons, musical, gore, suspense, drama and mystery. I always see to it that I could take time and watch a film at least once a day.

That I’m also into music, that I know all songs more than a normal person do but sadly can’t sing. I’m such a terrible singer, I can’t even perfectly memorize the whole lyrics of a song. But I could dance.

That I’m an Anglophile. That I love England, the people living and everything in it so much. I’m hopeful that I could step on their land and meet some of their people someday.

That I work in an offshore company, doing IT stuffs, online work to be exact. Yet I just happen to realize that although IT stuffs interest me, still my heart and mind longs for something different. Traveling or social work maybe.

That I always forget things. That is why I hate memorization. I’m a total opposite of my parents. It’s just funny how my mother identifies the dates, whose birthday is today or what celebration will be tomorrow. Also, my father remembers every celebrity acting in a movie and even identifies their faces. He has the wide memory of storing faces tagging the names in his mind.

So this is how our meeting ends, perhaps for this day, I’m pretty sure we’ll meet again. Or maybe tomorrow as I go back to this café, you might already been sitting there on my spot, and I’m the one who will ask you if the sits are taken, if it’s ok to hang around. But anyways, same time, same place, I’m always there having my afternoon coffee, so if you need someone to talk, you know where to go.

Thanks for that wonderful talk by the way.

Best Regards,



17 responses to “About Me

  1. Your About page is a will written expression of yourself. I am sitting here now looking over my blog and viewing other bloggers pouring a cup of coffee from my French press. The best way to enjoy coffee.

    You mention coffee is your most favored drink over any other, even beer. Maybe you might like this: http://savorthefood.wordpress.com/2012/12/22/the-benefits-of-drinking-coffee/ .

    Thanks for sharing your blog with Us. 🙂

    Chef Randall

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