Design of Death

“Not again,”

He was scared. It was always the same dream. No, more likely he considered it as a nightmare. It’s the dream that kept on haunting him giving him sleepless nights or if he sleeps, he’ll woke up drenched in heavy sweats. He almost lost grip of sanity because of the nightmares he had every night. He knew that it will happen. He could attest to that. That reality made him shiver and goosebumps started to sprout all over his trembling body.

It was almost 2AM when he woke up. He thought of things to stop the haunting. What he was thinking was quite stupid and he knew no one will believe him either even if it’s a battle between life and death. Continue reading


My Cry

Justice! This is my deafening cry. But where is it? Gone! It has existed no more. All that have left are nothing but the wicked laws in the hands of humanity. In the very sphere of what they called power, in which they believed the only thing that could save mankind. But I ought it as ignorance, foolishness and stupidity. It has nothing to do but destroy the liberty I possessed. Go on to my private life, corrupt my mind and even reap the existence of this vitality. Continue reading