A Matter of Everything: Be inspired!

We committed mistakes, things got worst and we became so helpless. In a snap of the human impulse, we shun our part of the story and directly point others for the blame – a matter of defense mechanism.

It is fact, few are those who will sit down and ask “What have I done?” and more are those who will get mad and shout “What have you done?”

But we need to think back why it all happened in the first place. We have the free-will, we have every decision and we always have the choice. So we have the responsibility of it.

Well, it is just a matter of everything, of what we should have done. Mistakes are always there, what’s more important is how you accept them and acquire great learning. The lessons that you have in the end always weigh a great value.

This reminds me of a very inspiring video which I would be honored to share to you. It tells us how would it be to be a person, to live life according to our favor and to commit mistakes. Just be inspired.


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