Letter to Mr. Green


So last week, just as to the recommendation of my friends and also you all bloggers, I started to read a John Green book, which honestly, I promised myself to finish the pending books before I dig myself into such commitment. But I did it anyway.

I read this The Fault in Our Stars and damn, I just had the roller coaster ride of my life. The morning after, not really morning because it’s already afternoon, I decided to send Mr. Green a sort of message for what he did to me.

I don’t know if it’s proper to post it here, but since that my reaction to the book, or sort of a review was included it here, I’m still gonna post it anyway. Continue reading

Love Letter to the Filipinos


This is an amazing letter wrote by an American Expat, David H. Harwell titled Love Letter to the Filipinos and published on Inquirer.net.

Just trying to share since it inspired me in some ways. Of how a certain person look at something differently. This gives me further thoughts that things, bad or good, happen because we let it happen and let it stay at it is.

As a Filipino, I also had a dream to someday travel the lands of America, Australia and UK more than my country, not that I don’t appreciate what’s been offered here, but it’s that thought that sometimes, we need to go out from our own shelter and discover the world outside. It’s the desire to know others, learn from their stories and experience the best and worst of their world. Because after all, life is like that. Life is all abut living, and living – it is all about feeling, experiencing, learning, having the best and worst, discovering and just moving.

Hope it will inspire you in some ways like how it did to me. Continue reading

The Storm

the storm

The Storm

She rolled the flag down,

An answer to the sea bird’s call

She looked upon the sky,

Beneath the horizon,

Darkness is crawling.

The wind didn’t sing,

Nor dance, nor cheer,

But fear laid in its coldness,

A breath of untune retribution.

Suddenly, she’s underneath its blanket.

Lights blinked in unpatterned instance,

Illuminates the world she feared.

Fierce lights came hitting her senses.

In each blink, she saw her sailor.

Smiling, crying, dying.

She’s been spellcasted,

She heard the voice,

The grasping horror of the darkness.

Ravishing, heavy, loud.

She ran inside her cabin,

Afraid, terrified, haunted.

She cried in fear like it was the first time.

Tears streamed down heavy and warm.

She remembered,

It’s been a year since her sailor died.