Bullying and Self Harm

Believe in yoursel

Sometimes, we tend to make words or have pranks at someone that we aren’t aware that what we do would result to something tragic.

Bullying or being bullied is quite normal while growing up. But it’s horrid knowing that nowadays, it’s one of the reasons of cutting or self harm.

Back in high school, I admit that I had bullied someone but I haven’t pushed it to the point that it destroyed someone’s confidence had caused depression. Bullying could give satisfaction, but it’s not worth it. In the end it wouldn’t do any good. So please, if you’ve been doing it. I advise you to stop.

Also, I’ve been bullied back but I didn’t let it go inside me. People would always have something bad to say but don’t let it destroy you.

What they say might be true but you have to remember you are better than what they think you are.

You might be fat or ugly, but you are performing well in your grades. There are some things that you can do that they can’t. That’s a fact and you have to remember that, always.

If you do self harm, you have to remember that you are not helping yourself. You are just leading yourself to something far worse.

I have a friend in Facebook who gives inspiration to people being bullied and doing self harm.

I’ll be honored to share to you his simple words that had inspired others.

Here is a poem Blake Sugar wrote for everyone that has self harmed.

The pain was deep, she grabbed the blade.

Her scars began to age, as each time she cut her pain would fade away.

It would only be temporary as the pain would come back, but every time she cut her heart began to crack.

The days went on as the pain was still here, her only fear being that she won’t be here next year.

She began to realize that cutting isn’t going to fix her problems, It only creates two more.

She got up one day and went in front mirror, her mind couldn’t be any more clearer.

She whispered today is the day I will not cut. Today is the day I will be brave enough to let my scars heal.

You’re all beautiful just way you are.
Cutting hurts everyone around you,
I believe in you, let your scars heal.

So if you’ve been doing self harm. Please stop, the world is better than your closed room. If  you need someone to talk, message me (janoelx2fer@gmail.com) and let’s be friends.

Remember, you are better and stronger than what you believe. I promise.

Poem Credits:  Blake Sugar

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