HisThoughts #66

listen and speak


Naked, do you?

It’s 30 minutes before 12 midnight. John Veseley’s A Naked Twist in my Story album is currently playing on my playlist. The window is widely open  on my right side where a lunar phenomenon can be seen on the sky. The night is cold, I’m in my boxers and tank top, I feel my body shivering from the cold and obviously see my fingers shake as I type this random thought. I just let my usual 11PM sleep time pass, sleep is not calling me.

I’m playing this Spooky Aquarium sort of game and getting drown by John’s serenades to keep myself calm. I was in the middle of this peace, when suddenly a thought came on my mind. Things or persons are different really when they’re naked.

True. Really, they are different when they are naked. Continue reading

Same Love

I guess, maybe the greatest love story in the world is not by a prince and princess, but by two both men sharing the love they deserve.

I found this video by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis titled Same Love. It’s just so inspiring how certain people who suffered from discrimination and criticism from society fight for something they deserve. For in the end, what matters is not what the society speaks for you, but how you decide yourself for the happiness you deserve.

Love is a complex thing, it’s not stated that love is something for a man to a woman or a woman to a man only, it’s something we share and acquire, regardless of sex, religion, principle and race.

I salute the people behind this music, for it’s not just a song to share or a story to inspire, it’s the reality that the world should accept.

Watch. Listen. Be inspired. Continue reading


It’s been days, almost a week in fact since my last post. And with that long period of silence, I still don’t have any to share at all. With that, I highly apologize.

But just to let you guys know I still exist, I’ll utilize this moment to just post here random thoughts.

Let me guys think first….

Think 6 think 1 Think 4 Think 2 Think 3 Think 5 Think 7

Oh crap! I still can’t think at this moment.

Dang! I just can’t think….

think 8Think 9Think 10

I am just so THOUGHTLESS!