What’s with your TFIOS?

It’s 18th February, 2014 and this is probably late but I’m gonna put this in my blog anyway.

So last two weeks ago, “The Fault in Our Stars” trailer had been released by FOX. So here went me, the ever-TFIOS-addict started to view the trailer and I could still remember how I felt back then. I was so literally  diufsgoiuyreoihdlk ashcxal sdjapodusapo dujadhdiydwey rehwrolwhelk whslkdlatyqiuwtyre0329ryhwoi bdjhsakdbkb dlwkd nwl’jfdlwh fklshfkjbknbdl ks;hskjhkshgiw ugiwbwklbdkjb. That feeling of excitement, appreciation and gratefulness. That you’re going to see this in big screen.

I know I’m acting rubbish and stupid and gay and whatever trash word may be, but that’s what I felt.

I don’t know what to add or say. It’s just that I’ve got something to say about it but I can’t make them into words.

So I’m just going to let you watch the trailer again and let me know what do you think?


The Storm

the storm

The Storm

She rolled the flag down,

An answer to the sea bird’s call

She looked upon the sky,

Beneath the horizon,

Darkness is crawling.

The wind didn’t sing,

Nor dance, nor cheer,

But fear laid in its coldness,

A breath of untune retribution.

Suddenly, she’s underneath its blanket.

Lights blinked in unpatterned instance,

Illuminates the world she feared.

Fierce lights came hitting her senses.

In each blink, she saw her sailor.

Smiling, crying, dying.

She’s been spellcasted,

She heard the voice,

The grasping horror of the darkness.

Ravishing, heavy, loud.

She ran inside her cabin,

Afraid, terrified, haunted.

She cried in fear like it was the first time.

Tears streamed down heavy and warm.

She remembered,

It’s been a year since her sailor died.

The Question

girl cry

Photo credit: http://weheartit.com

“Why?” She asked beyond sobs. Looking at her face, she’s as close as her 5 year-old self years ago asking her mother why would her father have to leave. But it’s not like that. That she wished it will just be like that. That everytime her father left, there’s always been an assurance of him coming back.

Yet this one is different.

Her body was shivering from an inner impulse of unnamed pain. Her arms, bloody and numb held tightly the un-breathing flesh of her beloved , already damped with her tears.

Her childhood friend, her brother, her first love. He was just sixteen and why?

She just kept herself crying. For every moment, she wished this was just like back when she was a child, that when someone leaves, he will comeback. Truth is, she had grown already, she knew all about the laws of death and life, all the mockeries of fate and all the hurts of reality. Still, death was out of her own comprehension.

What she just understood was that he left, he will never come back. What’s worst, she had never even heard him saying goodbye.

“Why?” she asked again.


Chasing hearts

As Juri flipped the last page of the book she was reading, balls of icy soft particles slowly tapped her arms, thus, had snow started to fall. When she started her life as senior high student, drastic changes made her whole existence plausible, meeting new friends, creating bonds with certain people close to her and falling in love all alone.

“Feeling the snow falling is great, isn’t it Juri?” A familiar voice struck her ears. It was Chase, one of her closest friends in the stellar class.

“Indeed, it feels much better than receiving a lot of UV rays from the summer sun.” She replied. Something was different while she looked at him, Juri followed where Chase’s eyes went and saw the answer.

“You like Aria, am I right?” Juri suddenly said to him. It was as if nothing stopped her mouth from telling those blunt words to Chase. Aria is Chase’s middle school friend and also one of her closest friends in the stellar class.

“Yes, you perfectly saw through me. Aria is precious to me but she loves Jin.” Chase replied. His eyes were sparkling while he said those words it was as if he tiff out something very unusual yet gave him a tickle in the heart.

“That Jin is his boyfriend, am I right?” Juri asked.

“You’re right, but I don’t intend to break them up. Just keep this as a secret Juri!” Chase answered. The sad look on his face smashed her trembling heart. She knew very well that Chase likes Aria, but she could not stop falling for him.

The one who is an idiot here is me falling for you Chase. Juri whispered to herself. Hers was an unrequited love and it was a fool chase to still hold on to that. Continue reading

The Precious Present

A farewell to my Alma Mater…

Things are getting hard lately, it changed the whole aspect of my consciousness that it destroyed part of my perception and part of my judgment. It even cruised the wrong track for this column that I should be dealing with criticism according to students’ interests but it ended differently in accordance to my own interests. This isn’t about being egocentric, I just don’t have the wit anymore to give this column the touch that it should have. I don’t wanna be like Mr. Oh-so-good-trying-hard freak, so I just have to give you what’s best of me. So dear readers, please spare this one for me this final time.

Let me just share to you a story inspired by a book…

Once, there was an old man who lived alone in a little cabin. Everyday a little boy would always visit the old man to play and hear stories. One day, the child asked the old man.

“Pop, every birthday people are giving me gifts. There were cars, robots, swords and soldiers, and I am so happy about it.”

There was a twinkle in the boy’s eyes then he continued, “How about you Pop? What are your gifts during birthdays?”

The old man smiled, he grabbed the boy and placed him on the table. Continue reading