The Christmas Creation

In every Christmas I draw these trianglessss

Three in fact with the same angles.

But sizes are obviously different.

A small, medium, large of what it is meant.

I placed the smallest on top and the largest below.

Colored ‘em green, hues of life and glow.

Then made long diagonal rectangles.

Placed like a sash awarded to the triangles.

Gave one to each of it as it was told.

Color ‘em maroon or yellow or gold.

Then I put circles in sizing variety.

Do the math and have as many as it can be.

Do the color according to your like.

Play with shades, just let the art strike.

For the finish touch this is an easy call.

Put a square under the largest rectangle.

Then put a star on top of your creation.

Color it gold or silver or even combination.

And viola! You see!

You just created a Christmas tree!


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